messing with colours and stuff


#god this is always so beautiful to me #raleigh is so beautifully kind here #not ‘let me save you mako’ but #’let me do this last task mako you did everything important and let me just do this simple thing’


small ambiguous comic noodle, about 3” wide

4x01 - a tale of two sisters


simon puts his oversized parka to good use

Do you have any secrets that would help you get through a zombie apocalypse? (x)


He is not the same and since Simmons left, he is only getting worse. Simmons said she thought it’d be better without her here, but her leaving just broke him. In the months since he’s grown isolated, talking to himself more and more.

FAV CHARA TYPE CHALLENGE!! If you get this you have to go over 10 series you love and post this message with a picture of one favorite character from each series! Bonus points if you [ or your followers ] manage to pinpoint your type ! Pass it on to 5 other blogs ! (¬‿¬) ♥

sorry it took me so long to get around to this!!

(I was being really indecisive about who to choose) but here we go:

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